Classical Education

Classical Education is Proven and it Works!

Classical Education returns to the time-honored educational model of the past.

This was the only educational theory used in Western Civilization for over two thousand (2000) years. 

Beginning in Classical Greece and Rome, and continuing through the Puritan and Colonial eras, children fortunate enough to receive an education received a classical one. 

Classical Education produced Archimedes, St. Paul, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Christopher Columbus, Shakespeare, George Washington, and the list goes on.

Classical Education unlocked potential in such a way that classically educated students became great philosophers, scientists, theologians, writers, artists, and inventors who changed the world!

Christian Classical Education has a Biblical Foundation

As a Classical Christian school we do not simply add a Bible class and Bible Memorization to the student’s day and sprinkle it with prayer.

We view and teach all subjects through the lens of Scripture. 

The students are given the framework to develop a Biblical worldview, taught critical thinking skills, and equipped with the tools of learning so they know how to Biblically discern and evaluate situations and life choices.


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